Have your say

Have your say on proposed Professional Standards Schemes

Under professional standards legislation, you have the right to comment on an association’s application for a Professional Standards Scheme or proposed changes to an existing scheme.

When an application or amendment is open for comments, we will publish a notification on this website and in major newspapers in all relevant states and territories.

How to submit your comments to us

All comments must be made in writing before the deadline (usually 28 days after we publish the notification). If we receive your submission after the deadline, it will be considered at the Professional Standards Councils’ discretion. You can send your comments to us by email or mail.

If you’d prefer we keep all or part of your comments confidential, please state this in your submission. We treat requests for access to confidential submissions in accordance with our statutory disclosure obligations, including applicable reporting and freedom of information legislation.

Any personal information you provide as part of your submission will be treated in accordance with applicable privacy laws.

What will we do with your comments?

Your comments will be provided to the Councils, who will consider them alongside any others received before deciding whether to approve a Professional Standards Scheme. If necessary, we’ll ask associations to consider and respond to issues raised in the submissions.