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Advice for scheme associations

Resource centre

We have developed a range of resources to help associations respond to their self-regulatory obligations, submit Professional Standards Scheme applications, and manage their ongoing compliance with professional standards legislation.

For more information, speak to your dedicated Professional Standards Scheme Manager.

Guidelines, templates and advice


Application guidelines

Explains in detail the information that associations need to provide when applying for a scheme, and the format this application needs to follow.

Application template (pdf)

Application template (word format)

The blank template associations will need to complete to make sure that they submit their scheme application in the correct format.

Framework for compliance
Please note:
This publication is INACTIVE and currently under review.

Information to help associations with a Professional Standards Scheme establish the systems, processes and programs they will need to comply with professional standards legislation on an ongoing basis.

Framework for Developing, Reviewing, Retiring Regulatory Guidance

This document provides guidance to stakeholders on how the Professional Standards Councils are engaged to develop, review and retire regulatory guidance.

Case Law Regarding Professional Standards Legislation

The table summarises the main points raised in reported cases where there has been has been judicial consideration of the Professional Standards Legislation and/or professional standards schemes approved under that legislation. Please note the listing may not be complete. They are listed with the case citation, consideration of limitation of liability under scheme, occupational association, jurisdiction and key message.

Guidance note: Fee waivers & remissions

This document provides guidance to occupational associations about applying for fee waivers or remission and the administration of the Professional Standards Regulation. Fees payable pursuant to professional standards legislation are the responsibility of the association, not its members.

Guidance note on scheme expiration

This guidance note informs regulated occupational associations of the processes that the Professional Standards Councils follow for advertising an expiring professional standards scheme of a regulated occupational association. It outlines Councils’ powers and considerations that are relevant when observing a scheme expiry process, for transparency and accountability to our stakeholders.

Professional Standards Improvement Program factsheet

Information to help associations implement a Professional Standards Improvement Program.

Letter to members

A modifiable letter that associations can use to advise members of their benefits and obligations under a Professional Standards Scheme.

Model code of ethics principles

Information to help professional associations establish a code of ethics.

Annual Membership Assurance Report

A blank template of the certificate that must be supplied by associations with more than 100 members to verify their Professional Standards Scheme fee payments.

Policy documents


Complaints and discipline systems

Guidance for associations in establishing a complaints and discipline system, including a non-exhaustive list of strategies and actions consistent with the Professional Standards Councils’ Model Code.

Payment of annual fees

Guidance for associations on the calculation of annual fees based on an effective annual rate of $50/member. A member certificate template and processes for verifying member numbers, payments and due dates are also included.

Professional indemnity insurance

An outline of what the Councils will consider when assessing an association’s professional indemnity insurance in determining their eligibility for a scheme.

Complaints, compliments and queries

Information on the Councils’ feedback and complaints system, with processes for complaint receipt, investigation and review.

Professional Standards Councils Code of Conduct

A code of conduct for members of the Councils to ensure accountability, principles of honesty, responsibility, integrity and good faith are met, and any conflict of interest is declared.