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Associations maintain reporting under the Professional Standards Improvement Program through COVID-19

Annual Professional Standards Improvement Program reporting by regulated associations closed on 31 March 2020. 

The coronavirus pandemic and the public health measures to prevent its spread have significantly changed the circumstances in which associations and professions are serving their communities. The priority that associations have placed on maintaining important regulatory activities, such as annual reporting, in this challenging environment greatly assists the Professional Standards Councils to ensure the professional standards regulatory system remains robust and responsive to the needs of consumers and professions across Australia. 

This year’s reporting Guidelines and Template were refreshed to improve references to legislative obligations, emphasise consumer protection and promote root cause analysis as an input to risk management and occupational standards improvements.

The Professional Standards Authority’s CEO, Roxane Marcelle-Shaw, commended regulated associations for the timely and transparent submission of their annual reports. Ms Marcelle-Shaw said that the Authority is now analysing the annual reports to assist the Councils in their work to:

  • assess how effectively associations are meeting their risk management and consumer protection obligations
  • provide feedback to associations to help in meeting those obligations
  • provide advice to Ministers on the operation of the professional standards legislation
  • develop assistance and guidance to encourage improvement in occupational standards.

The Authority understands that operating during the coronavirus pandemic is difficult for many associations and their members. Some associations may be facing additional demands because they are in a position to help with the response to COVID-19 and may be called upon to do so by governments. The Authority is endeavouring to limit supervision activity that associations need to respond to as much as possible, while working to identify other areas where we can provide support and continued assurance.

Please contact the Authority if you have any questions about the annual reporting process or if we can assist in any other way. 


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