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Associations submit 2022 annual reports and begin the transition to new requirements

Annual reporting by regulated associations closed on 31 March 2023.  

For consecutive years, regulated associations have submitted their reports on time. The Professional Standards Councils’ CEO, Roxane Marcelle-Shaw, commended the high levels of compliance across the national system. 

Ms Marcelle-Shaw said that the Professional Standards Authority is now analysing the annual reports. The information submitted by regulated associations helps the Councils to understand and report to parliaments on how effectively professional standards schemes are working. The information submitted also helps the Councils to tailor their regulatory guidance to those areas most in need. 

For this year’s reporting the Councils released:

  • a new Annual Professional Standards Report (APSR) Template and Guidance to streamline annual reporting requirements and integrate with the Scheme Application Framework, and 
  • the existing Professional Standards Improvement Program Report Template and Guidance with minimal changes.   

To assist with the transition to the new APSR, regulated associations were provided with the opportunity to submit either of these formats for this year’s reporting.  

The new APSR reduces duplication and the volume of reporting requirements, with a focus on changes to an association’s regulatory standards systems, or strategies, and on the highlights and achievements for continuous improvement of professional standards and consumer protections in the reporting year. 

Ms Marcelle-Shaw said the uptake of the APSR during the transition period has been positive. The Councils will continue to engage with associations on their reporting experience using the APSR to further refine and strengthen the new reporting approach for the 2023 reporting year.  

Please contact the Authority if you have any questions about the annual reporting process or if we can assist in any other way.  


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