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CEO to speak on consumer directed aged care regulation

Dr Deen Sanders, the Chief Executive Officer of the Professional Standards Councils, will speak at the Consumer Directed Aged Care Regulatory and Compliance Readiness Summit 2015 in Melbourne on Wednesday 25 February.

The aged care sector is undergoing unprecedented transformation, and the Summit will address the business challenges associated with upcoming regulatory changes. Focusing on practical awareness, the Summit is designed to help attendees prepare for the new environment ahead.

Dr Sanders will be present an expert commentary session called Building a sustainable system of self-regulation in the provider community of the future: Encouraging self-regulation and effectiveness of providers. 

He’ll examine the potential for a new way of thinking about the regulation of modern health and aged care service provision, which emphasises individual professional empowerment over corporate models of compliance. He’ll also explore how this new model would value the expertise, professionalism and quality of modern health and aged care professionals, and be driven by the needs of clients and patients.