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Dr Deen Sanders speaks on regulatory best practice at LIV's Conference of Council 2017

The Chief Executive Officer of the Professional Standards Authority, Dr Deen Sanders, spoke at the Law Institute of Victoria (LIV) Conference of Council 2017.  Dr Sanders shared his thoughts on the Regulation of the Legal Profession: Regulatory best practice session with expert panellists.

LIV Conference LIV Conference


Accompanying Dr Matthew Butlin, Commissioner, Red Tape Commission; Mr Murray Hawkins, Director, Regulatory Policy & Research, Law Council of Australia; Mr Jonathan Smithers, CEO, Law Council Australia; Mr Steven Stevens, Principal Stenas Legal and Member Victorian Legal Services Board, conference delegates got the opportunity to engage in a wide-ranging and robust discussion about what legal profession regulation could and should look like going forward.

Reflecting on the conference Dr Sanders said, "LIV's Council conference on regulation was a wonderful opportunity to meet the leaders of the Association from across the regions and from the different specialities, coming together to discuss the future of their profession.

In particular, it was a refreshing look into how both the practice of law and the regulation of legal practice is undergoing change in Australia with a continuing shift in the regulatory model to government. LIV are to be congratulated for kick starting a brave conversation about the future for professions in law."

LIV will be releasing a paper of the conference outcomes shortly.