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Constructing Building Integrity: Raising Standards

Constructing Building Integrity: Raising Standards

The Professional Standards Councils are pleased to again become a major research partner in a three-year Australian Research Council Linkage Project. Through the project, the Councils will collaborate with researchers and other regulators to investigate ways to improve professional standards in building and construction occupations and the means for measuring change.

In 2019, the Building Ministers’ Forum called on the building industry associations to lift occupational standards by developing and implementing professional standards schemes as a matter of priority. In light of this, the project will aim to generate new knowledge and greater awareness by professions and regulators of their role in delivering the public goods of a trustworthy building and construction industry.

This ARC Linkage Project aligns with the Councils’ Strategy 2021 goal to improve occupational standards in sectors identified as facing increased risk to consumers and continues the Councils’ long-term commitment to fostering research through grants and partnerships.

The project will be led by Griffith University’s Professor Charles Sampford. As the lead partner organisation, the Councils will contribute funding over three years as well as in-kind support.

The Councils’ Chair, Mr John Vines OAM, said the Councils were delighted to participate and invest in world-leading research. The Councils will be represented in the Linkage Project Steering Group by Councils’ Chair, Mr Vines, and Councils’ member, Caroline Lamb. They will be supported by partner investigators from the Professional Standards Authority, Chief Executive Officer, Roxane Marcelle-Shaw, and Research and Resource Officer, Alice Kang.

Mr Vines said the project will be a vehicle for the Councils to encourage and assist schemes in the built environment sector.

“It will also be a valuable vehicle for us to develop practical tools and an evidence base for improving professional standards more broadly,” Mr Vines said.

Details are available on the Australian Research Council’s website, under Grants on the ARC Data portal.