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Councils approve Bar Association of Queensland's Scheme

Presentation of certificate to Bar Association of Queensland, 2019.

From left: Sara Forgione, Director, Legal Division, Bar Association of Queensland; Roxane Marcelle-Shaw, CEO, Professional Standards Authority; Rebecca Treston QC, President, Bar Association of Queensland; and Kelsey Rissman, Chief Executive, Bar Association of Queensland.


The Councils’ CEO, Roxane Marcelle-Shaw, congratulates the Bar Association of Queensland on its second Professional Standards Scheme, which took effect from 1 July 2019.  It will have force in all states and territories of Australia for five years.


Ms Marcelle-Shaw commented “The Professional Standards Councils were pleased to approve the new scheme which is supported by risk management strategies that will encourage the continuous improvement in professional standards by members of the Bar and noting that the new scheme will extend consumer protection to Tasmania.” 


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