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CPA's proposed scheme open for public consultation

The Professional Standards Councils have decided to publish the Professional Standards Scheme proposed by CPA Australia Ltd (on 4 September 2017), and invite the public to make comments and submissions on the proposed Scheme.   The CPA Australia Ltd Professional Standards Scheme public notification period will run for 28 days from the 27 September 2017 to 25 October 2017.    

Public Notification is a  necessary and important  step in  the consideration for  approval of a Professional Standards Scheme. It does not imply  an approval of a Scheme and is instead an  invitation  for the public to provide comment.  Details of current and previous public notifications can be found on our Notification page.  

In this instance, matters which the Councils may take into account include the appropriateness of association governance, mechanisms for complaints handling for member misconduct, as well as management of any conflicts of interest, insofar as they are relevant to operations of the Professional Standards Scheme.  

Submissions need to be made directly to the Councils.   All submissions  received  are confidential and are not published, although summaries and questions  raised  may be put to the Association for response as part of the Councils’ consideration.  

CPA Australia Ltd has published a public consultation document on their website  to accompany this notification. This document is intended to explain the  scope and operation of the Scheme  and  pre-empt  public questions:   

The notification, the proposed Scheme Instrument and the consultation document provided by CPA Australia should be read before a comment is submitted. 

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