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Modern Professional Practice and its Future

As Australia’s expert regulatory agency in professional standards, the Professional Standards Councils foster and lead research into professional standards, regulation and professionalisation.

In line with its research and thought leadership strategy, the Councils are a major research partner in a three-year Australian Research Council Linkage project led by UNSW about professions, professional obligation and regulation in the 21st century. 

As part of the project, UNSW hosted a one-day conference exploring the future of professional practice in the 21st century. Held at Allens, the conference introduced the latest research by academics from leading Australian and overseas universities and the Professional Standards Councils.

The event brought together professional associations, practicing professionals and aspiring professionals who wished to be ready for the changes that the scale of practice, globalisation and the exponential growth of digital systems are bringing to the professions. Attendees got the chance to engage with the latest research, hear industry perspectives on practical implementation, and participate in discussions. 

CEO, Deen Sanders provided commentary on two sessions – Inventing the future: professions and digitally enable work and mapping differences in professional models and professional practice across the globe.

Liz Lang, CEO of Professions Australia said, "the sessions informed by the ARC research projects addressed some of the core issues faced by the professions and their professional associations as they prepare for the future within a digital landscape. The high calibre panellists provided thought-provoking perspectives backed with an evidence-base. I was pleased to be able to recommend and encourage my members to attend this content-rich Symposium to and I look forward to future collaboration and information-sharing."

Deen Sanders at ARC Rupert at ARC


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