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New Framework for Developing, Reviewing and Retiring Regulatory Guidance

The Professional Standards Councils have released a new Framework for Developing, Reviewing and Retiring Regulatory Guidance. The new Framework applies to all regulatory guidance comprising policies, procedures, guidance and templates issued to inform the Professional Standards Councils’ application of regulatory requirements and decision-making. 

The regulatory guidance process is designed to achieve the following:

  • enhance transparency and consistency in the way the Councils exercise their statutory function to publish advice and information about improving occupational standards and enhancing consumer protection
  • align with community expectations through encouraging the continuous improvement of professional standards by occupational associations 
  • work in consultation with the Councils stakeholders to provide relevant and operable regulatory guidance for administering a professional standards scheme
  • promote compliance with the general law and relevant legislation, regulation, codes and standards.

The new Framework has been published on the Councils’ website to inform stakeholders on how the Councils, and the Professional Standards Authority, are engaged to develop, review and retire regulatory guidance.

If you have any enquiries regarding this new Framework or require further information, please contact the Professional Standards Authority by email: