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A positive change in the Tasmanian statute for all professions and jurisdictions

On Tuesday 13th September 2016, the Professional Standards Amendment Bill 2016 was tabled in the Tasmanian parliament. The Bill addresses two long term barriers to national harmonised adoption by repealing subsection 27(c) and inserting mutual recognition provisions into the Professional Standards Act 2005

The Professional Standards Council of Tasmania, along with the Professional Standards Councils in other states and territories, strongly support the amendments and believe that improved consumer protection and wider national coverage will result from the proposed amendments. 

"This is a positive step in the national harmonisation of the professional standards legislative framework," said the Chief Executive Officer of the Professional Standards Authority, Dr Deen Sanders. Adopting this Bill will be a positive change for all professionals, whether in Tasmania or other jurisdictions. The Councils are hopeful that the amendments will lead to new professional standards schemes being introduced to protect Tasmanian consumers and they look forward to Tasmanian professionals joining those Australian professional standards scheme communities already operating by mutual recognition in the other states and territories including groups such as professional accountants, lawyers, surveyors, engineers, valuers and IT.