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Professional Standards Authority farewells Summer Law Clerks

The Professional Standards Authority was pleased to participate in the Law Society of New South Wales’ Summer Clerkship Program for the third time this year. This summer, the Authority was fortunate to be joined by two talented law students – Lucy Roberts from the Australian National University and Inderpreet Kaur Singh from the University of New South Wales. We thank them for their contributions towards the work of the Professional Standards Councils, particularly in the area of regulatory research and resource development. 

On reflection of her time at the Authority, Lucy says, “I love the diverse work - there is always something interesting to work on. From a legal perspective, it was interesting to work for a body reporting in multiple jurisdictions.” 

“My hands-on involvement meant I learnt more about the processes of forming policy, and watching that policy be put into practice. I am proud to have worked for an organisation that improves standards in professions across Australia and improving services for consumers in doing so.”

Inderpreet adds, “I've learned so much about a career with a regulatory body and had the pleasure of working with a great team to improve consumer protection standards. It's been a privilege and I'd unhesitatingly recommend a clerkship at the Authority to others.”

The Authority’s summer clerkships provide penultimate year law students with a unique opportunity to be involved in government regulatory practice and the improvement of professional standards.

We wish Lucy and Inderpreet well with their studies and rewarding careers in legal practice.