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Professional Standards Councils join Tax Practitioner Governance and Standards Forum

The Professional Standards Councils are pleased to contribute to the work of the Tax Practitioners Board’s Tax Practitioner Governance and Standards Forum as an ex officio member. 

The Forum was recently established to consult tax practitioners on significant legislative changes, following the independent review of the Tax Practitioners Board and the Tax Agent Service Act 2009

The Councils share the commitment of Forum members to ensuring high standards of ethics and competency in the tax practitioner profession. The Forum comprises representatives from professional associations, the Tax Practitioner Board and the Australian Taxation Office and the Professional Standards Councils. 

The Councils welcome the opportunity for collaborative efforts with peer regulators and occupational associations for better consumer protection outcomes.  

The Forum’s inaugural meeting was held on 6 July 2021. A summary of key messages from this inaugural meeting is available on the Tax Practitioners Board website.