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Congratulations to QLS on its Professional Standard Grant project

The Professional Standards Councils congratulates the Queensland Law Society (QLS) on the successful completion of its Professional Standards Grant project, Practice Health Check.

The Councils awarded a grant to QLS in February 2013 to allow the association to develop an online tool called Practice Health Check.

This tool – which is now available on the QLS website – will help the association’s members assess key areas of their practice management, including profitability, business model and strategy, and benchmark their results against legal profession best practice.

In addition to allowing members to assess and benchmark their firms, the Practice Health Check will also direct members to resources that can help them improve their practices, as well as a free, one-on-one consultation with QLS experts.

“My colleagues and I are delighted to congratulate QLS on the launch of its Practice Health Check,” said Dr Deen Sanders, Chief Executive Officer of the Professional Standards Councils.

“Their project demonstrates the value a Professional Standards Grant can offer to associations that operate under a Professional Standards Scheme.

“By developing this online tool, QLS has made it easy for any of its members to improve their practices and professional standards. And that’s fantastic news for their members’ clients, who should enjoy better consumer protection as a result.”

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