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Public consultation: Annual Professional Standards Report Template and Guidance.

The Professional Standards Councils have released a revised draft Annual Professional Standards Report (APSR) Template and Guidance for public consultation. 

The APSR assists associations operating a professional standards scheme to meet professional standards legislation obligations and annual reporting requirements.  

It uses a single set of reporting requirements for all regulated associations to enable comparability of information about the operation of professional standards schemes and enables the Councils to draw out insights to drive improvements in professional standards and protection of consumers.  

The Councils consulted with regulated associations to assist in the development of the revised APSR for public consultation. 

The revised APSR aims to streamline annual reporting requirements, and integrate with the Scheme Application Framework, with a refreshed focus on improvements related to: 

  • work of the association to improve occupational standards and increase consumer protection  
  • how members and consumers are informed about the scheme   
  • how consumers are protected by the scheme through improved standards and professional risk management strategies  
  • how the association responds to consumer complaints and professional indemnity insurance claims, including improvements to relevant policies, processes and systems, and 
  • administration of the scheme and monitoring scheme compliance.     

The Councils invite stakeholders to provide feedback on the revised APSR by 3 August 2022 via the linked survey: 

If you would like further information, please call the Professional Standards Authority on (02) 8315 0800 or email: