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We are moving into the testing phases of the redesigned Scheme Application Framework

The Professional Standards Councils have approved an extension to the scheme application redesign project to incorporate feedback and allow for two phases of testing with current associations. The project will now complete in June 2021, after which the new application process will be used in professional standards scheme applications under professional standards legislation. 

The project is guided by a Reference Group consisting of representatives from associations together with experts in fields such as regulation, consumer protection and professional standards. Recent research and analysis conducted by the Reference Group has identified opportunities for the redesigned application to reflect the modern consideration of improved standards and a range of consumer protections in line with community expectations of the services provides by the members of an association with a professional standards scheme.

The redesigned professional standard scheme application has eight new, self-contained modules for an association to complete and provide to the Councils. There will be a recommended order, designed to make progress easier to measure. Many application modules will also have additional guidance to assist with completing the application module. There may be a template or table to fill out, to assist with providing relevant information to the Councils.

Associations that have experience in making a scheme application will be invited to test application modules. For each module the testing association will be asked 12 questions to provide feedback, which may be provided by video conference or in writing. The associations’ feedback will be incorporated into the redesigned application modules, ready for consideration by the Councils project steering group, and eventually the Councils in June 2021.

View updates on the work we are doing to modernise the application process on the Scheme Application Modernisation webpage.