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Global Integrity Summit

Global Integrity Summit speech available to download

The speech given at September’s Global Integrity Summit by the Chief Executive Officer of the Professional Standards Councils, Dr Deen Sanders, is now available to download.

The Summit saw our CEO join speakers from around the world to examine the ethics and integrity dimensions of the G20 agenda.

Dr Sanders’ speech looked at how should we address failures of financial integrity, and rebuild trust in financial institutions. The issues and ideas he examined included:

  • Why the erosion of confidence and trust in institutions is accelerating
  • How the “Knowledge Age” has given way to the “Opinion Age”
  • Why the regulative, normative and cultural pillars of institutions are out of balance in modern financial corporations
  • The problems inherent in the current regulation of the financial sector
  • The role professions and professionals can play in reinventing regulation.

Download the full speech.

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