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Graduate Outcomes

While there are many benefits of higher and professional education, it is important to have a clear sense of what graduate outcomes are achieved.


Author(s): Thomas ClarkeThomas Clarke

Higher education is widely regarded as a life-changing experience; the opportunity to learn and question new ideas, develop new social networks, and rethink your personal destiny is for many an invaluable experience. A main goal of many entering university or professional education though is to enhance their employability, to provide a firm basis for their future career. While relevant employment skills are changing rapidly, and what is necessary is to develop the capacity to learn, students require the reassurance they are acquiring a wide range of useful skills for the future. Employers look for talented people who have acquired skills that are readily adaptable. Governments which are investing increasing amounts in higher and professional education now demand greater accountability, and evidence that the university experience provides employability capabilities for all graduates.

This analysis of Graduate Outcomes discusses the following issues:

  • Analysis of what Graduate Outcomes are;
  • The development of ePortfolios;
  • Reflective Practice;
  • Graduate Capabilities;
  • Assurance of Learning;
  • Lifelong Learning;
  • Graduate Success; and
  • Myths of Graduate Outcomes.


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