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Professions and Risk

Successful professional associations have robust systems for identifying the risks that professionals may encounter beyond a formal risk management system.


Author(s): Dimity Kingsford Smith, Wee-An Tan and Dr Deen Sanders OAM

This article is concerned with the broader question of what risks professions encounter, and how the wider indicia and processes of professionalism – education, ethics, competence, mentoring, continuing professional development, supervision, insurance and discipline – might be identified and marshalled to improve the quality of services offered to clients and the professions’ reputations. It is suggested that a combination of established professional practices and modern risk management processes might be seen in totality as professional regulation or as a professional integrity system, for which there is also a title in this collection.

Another article in this collection, Risk Management and Improvement, discusses the creation and operation of risk management systems, which are just one component of overall professional regulation or of a professional integrity system.


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