Codes of Ethics and Practice

4.1 Codes of Ethics and Practice

This submodule sets out the information about your association’s code of ethics and code of practice that you need to submit with your application. These codes sit within the professional risk management system, which we often refer to as the professional integrity system. In this module and its submodules, we ask about how this system operates for consumers and members. ​

Complete both templates in this submodule if you are making your first application for a professional standards scheme. If you are applying to remake a scheme, you only need to submit information that has changed since we last approved your scheme. ​

We ask for this information in line with the requirements of professional standards legislation. For example, in the Professional Standards Act 1994 (NSW), sections 10 and 36 require associations to detail the professional risk management strategies for members and how they will be implemented. Section 37 requires associations to provide us with information on their risk management strategies if we request it.​

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