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Disciplinary system

4.3 Disciplinary system

This submodule sets out the information about your disciplinary system that you need to submit with your application to make, remake or amend a scheme. ​

It will help you to understand:​

  • our expectations and requirements for disciplinary systems ​
  • how systems can strengthen consumer safeguards around member activity. ​

We ask for this information in line with professional standards legislation. For example, in the Professional Standards Act 1994 (NSW), sections 10 and 36 cover this.​

When applying to remake or amend a scheme you must also complete this module. But first, confirm with us what we will require. Your association might have previously provided the information requested in this module, such as in an earlier scheme application, an annual or ad hoc report. If this is the case, you need only refer to the previously provided information or attach that information. Then complete the submodule by identifying and explaining any improvements or changes since you last gave us the information.​


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