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Competency-Based Frameworks

Competency-based career frameworks define levels at which a role can be performed, beginning at initial entry level roles and extending to the most senior and specialist levels.


Author(s): Carmel Connors, Hugh Breakey and Charles Sampford

A competency-based framework is an organised system composed of statements of the abilities required for effective workplace practice and performance. It aims to enable organisations, industries and professions to recognise, describe and assess work performance against specified agreed standards. This title explains:

  • The history of competency-based frameworks;
  • The general definition of a competency;
  • The elements of a competency framework;
  • Competency-based frameworks and their application within professions;
  • Competency-based assessment;
  • The elements of a strong competency-based system; and
  • Critical issues underlying the use of competency-based systems and assessment.


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