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‘Fit and Proper Person’ Test

The ‘fit and proper person’ requirement is a common feature of many professional accreditation systems.


Author(s): Hugh Breakey, Charles Sampford and Justine Rogers

The ‘fit and proper person’ requirement is one of the several qualifying or ‘suitability’ conditions (typically along with a bachelor degree, professional training and the professional exam) that aspiring candidates may be required to pass in order to enter the profession. This entrance requirement aims to promote high ethical standards and enhance the profession’s reputation for trustworthiness. This title will consider:

  • The key terms and concepts;
  • The content and aims of the ‘fit and proper person’ requirement;
  • The main challenges in, and recommendations for, appropriately administrating the requirement; and,
  • Use of the ‘fit and proper person’ requirement in discipling existing members of the profession.


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